Angol 4-7. – I. Forduló (2010/2011)

Kitöltési útmutató

Find the pairs! 1. the place where you go to learn 2. the first month after the summer holiday 3. you can get wet in it 4. the season before winter a. autumn b. rain c. school d. september
2. What's the weather like in autumn?

There is a country where it is raining a lot. Find the countries below and choose the rainy one.


Let's visit this country! There are important things taking for the journey. What are these? Choose the right group! something to? 1. hold against the rain 2. take photos 3. protect from the sun 4. protect our clothes from the rain 5. paint the walls with 6. enter the United Kingdom with


Match the pairs and circle the right match for the odd one out! Buckingham Nelson's Circus Museum Park Column British Hyde Big Ben Palace Piccadilly


Now we are in London. Put the words into the right order and decide which ones you can use there. (Multiple choice!)

(Többszörös választás!)

7. True or false?

1. The capital of England is Oxford. 2. The Queen has two grandsons, William and Harry. 3. The Prime Minister lives at 10 Downing Street. 4. The Tower of London is a bank now. 5. Heathrow is a famous Railway Station.


8. Who lives in the Buckingham Palace?

Let's go to the Zoo! Choose the missing letters and find the words in the wordchain! Eleph_ntt_germonkeyzebr_l_ong_r_ffeturtlese_lp_rrotbe_rc_mel h_ppopot_musfoxwolfzebr_

10. How many words can you find in the wordchain?

Children go to school in England too, but what can take them to school? Find the names of the vehicles with the help of the ABC and choose the correct one.


How was the visit in London? Find the right word for this. 1. the first letter is in green but not in ever 2. the second letter is in lion but not in learn 3. the third letter is in cow but not in white 4. the fourth letter is in pen but not in now

13. We should eat something. Where is an odd one out?

What can we do after lunch? Find the right prepositions.
Let's go _ a walk _ the beautiful Hyde Park. Let's have a trip _the River Thames. Let's go _ the National Gallery.