Angol 48. (Próbafeladatok)

Kitöltési útmutató
1.  What  are  the  things  that  you  CAN'T  find  in  a  library? (Multiple choice.)
2. You have to know the letters if you want to read a book. Can you match the ordinal numbers and the letters of the ABC?


1. R      2. J      3. F      4. O

a. sixth     b. eighteenth     c. tenth     d. fifteenth

3. Ray  collected  some  questions  but  he  mixed  up  and  left  out some words. Which questions are correct? (Multiple choice.)
4. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?


5. Where CAN'T you find the same pronunciation?
6. There  are  thirty-four  pages,  three  hundred  and  thirty-nine words  and  thirteen  pictures  in  Anna's  story-book.  What numbers did you read in the sentence?
7. Look at your calendar. What day is the first day of 2014?
8. My homework was the … in the class.
9.  There  are  words  in  English  that  can  be  both  a  verb  and  a noun. Which ones? (Multiple choice.)
10. Complete this conversation. Which word is not necessary?


11. Don’t eat sweets, they’re not good … your teeth.
12. Some  people  like  films  and  books  about  spaceships,  aliens, robots etc. What kind of films are they?
13. Everest is the ... mountain in the world.
14.  What word can't you form with -er ending?